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Match Reports: Bristol City 0 Leeds 3

Another strange one. A poor first half until we scored, then they had a player sent off a minute later. Then they had another man sent off second half. Against 9 men we looked very good and scored a few more and really could have scored about 26. What does this tell us about…. everything? It tells us nothing, nothing about everything. But I’m glad we won and played well (against 9 men).


If we can lodge an appeal to the Football League that if they want to get rid of us and make us the FA’s problem then all they have to do is make the opposition start with 9, we’ll get promoted in no time



One thing it told me was that I am becoming more and more attracted to Snoddy with every game he plays…

- leedsarestillgoingup

My Match Report: Leeds 3 Ipswich 1

I was at this match. It had everything I associate with Leeds United:

  • Anti-Bates chanting / protesting
  • A new loan signing
  • Freezing cold weather
  • Horrible horrible football
  • Going behind after a goalkeeping error
  • General unrest
  • Ben Fry being Ben Fry
  • A red card
  • A Leeds comeback
  • Last minute goal
  • Smiles all round
  • Frowns all round

And that was our lot.

Match Reports: Palace 1 Leeds 1

If it was “written in the stars” that Henry would come on and save Arsenal, those stars also said something about Snoddy coming on and saving Leeds. And he did. Without his appendix! We played against 10 men for the entire second half, and though we had a lot of the ball we never really forced their keeper into too many saves. Still, a point I suppose. Grayson out? Grayson in? Appendix out? Appendix in?


Robert Snodgrass is such a magnificent wee Scottish bastard. Gash before he came on, competent once he did. YAY SNODDY.

- Adam Pollard


Any thoughts on this game, submit them!

Match Reports: Leeds 2 Burnley 1

Well we never do it the easy way do we. So much to talk about I can barely even think. But we won. Somehow. I imagine Burnley are sick of the sight of us right about now. Hopefully now Simon can go out and get some players in before the next league game, Andros Townsend is already looking like a great addition.


I think we should ask Becchio what he thinks of that…”fucking unbelievable”

- Will


The Greek Andy Townsend had a good game.
- Mr Tosspot.


lasercannon's reaction to the winner


Any thoughts on what was a mental day, submit them!

Match Reports: Barnsley 4 Leeds 1

Well that was awful.


Only one word for that performance. Walrus.

Well…not really sure where it went wrong, although my guesses are:

  • As soon as we walked out onto the pitch.
  • Kickoff.
  • Whenever the ball went in our goal.
  • Whenever the ball wasn’t going in their goal.

At least Nunez played, and Becchio scored, and Michael Brown managed to injure someone without getting sent off.

I fear that Graysons days are numbered, however KEAN IN! Whoops sorry wrong one, GRAYSON IN!

Crawling on Together.

- James Frewin


kean out kean out kean out

- Matthew Britton

Match Reports: Derby 1 Leeds 0

Well this was entirely predictable. 1: We never beat Derby. 2: We never win on Boxing Day. 3: We are shite. I think Eddie Gray summed it up best when he said “welll I dunnnaw baw daw Thom goaa do beha yanoww….. yanow?”

Grayson needs money to invest in January. In a new house.


Any thoughts, submit them.

Match Reports: Leeds 0 Reading 1

Well Simon Church can fuck off. He scored after 2 minutes and we never recovered. Never even came close. At all. Things just aren’t going well for Simon Grayson at home. What a waste of an afternoon.


Well I spent much of the afternoon worrying that my penis may never return to it’s correct size (it was a tad nippy). Luckily Bianca Gascoigne sashayed out in front of the kop at half time in black tights and boots which got the blood circulating a bit and I got my usual inch and a third back. The highlights of the afternoon had to be the red ones in the hair of the woman I was sat behind. Clearly done by a pro. Ben Fry looked like he’d only got a half charge before the game, very sluggish, possibly needs a battery change. Glynn Snodin waddled down from his West Stand perch in the second half for a word with Simon. I was sat a few rows behind the dugout and was surprised to hear Glynn wasn’t discussing tactics at all but was saying how cheated he felt that that the polar bear cub birth in BBC’s Frozen Planet wasn’t filmed in the wild but was in fact filmed in a zoo! Grayson responded with a right foul mouthed tirade as he’d Sky plussed the full series and hadn’t got round to watching it yet. Fingers crossed this results in Glynn being replaced by Eddie Gray in the coming weeks. As for the football there was some…I think. Both teams were having a great time enjoying a private game of “who can kick it as high as possible right up in the air”. We won. Yesss. Aidy White and Tom Leeds looked good but Tom’s face still resembles that of a man who’s girlfriend has taken his computer to be fixed at PC world without asking him first. Lonergan saved a shot. Michael Brown made a tackle. Luciano Becchio continued his personal duel with the ball (why does it refuse to be controlled). And then with 25mins to go and still a goal down, Simon took off everyone who might score a goal and brought on Andy Keogh. And my penis disappeared again. Great.

Oh and I meant Bianca Westwood not Bianca Gascoigne.

- Wonka (what a story)


If for whatever reason you have a match report, submit it! Otherwise, join me in my misery cave.

Match Reports: Watford 1 Leeds 1

By all accounts we were awful. Just really awful. 1-0 down for most of the game, then with 2 minutes to go they miss a penalty THEN in the 95th minute WE get a PENALTY. And Snoddy scored. And we all went a bit mad. Not much else to say really. A point gained? A point robbed.


well, we were shite, and got a point, thats about it. 

- Beech


found out about the equaliser through the BBC sport website on a mobile, nearly made my Mum crash her car. Excellent.

- Matthew Britton


And so it remains:

It’s still not gay if it’s Rob Snodgrass. 

- Leedsarestillgoingup



- @skeggzi


Awful game, both teams poor, good penalty save, good penalty scored. No other words required.

- @ephemeraljoy


Yet another Robert Snodgrass goal that made me leap about my room like a deranged lunatic. Well done that man.

- Simon


I doubt anyone has anything to say, but if you do submit err, it!

Match Reports: Leeds 2 Millwall 0

Not a lot to say about the game, today was all about paying tribute to Gary Speed, and I think players, fans, management, ex players and everyone there today did that brilliantly. RIP Speedo.


Snodgrass absolutely brilliant today. A great day for Leeds United Football Club. Let’s make the most of this and honour Gary Speed with promotion. My faith is reborn.

- Jon Howe


A hugely emotional day, this one was for you Speedo.

- JP



- @mardytam


Batty is still an absolute babe

- Matthew Britton


It’s not gay if it’s Robert Snodgrass.

- LeedsFan


I’d have to say, on balance, the day turned out quite well when all things considered…

- LUFC93


Any thoughts on today, submit them.

Match Reports: Forest 0 Leeds 4

After an incredibly difficult few days, I don’t think many of us were thinking too much about this game. I knew the fans would do us proud, and hoped the players would too. Turns out they pulled out the best performance of the season. So proud, so proud.A perfect night and a perfect tribute to a Leeds United legend. 4-0 for Gary Speed.


4-0 for Gary Speed



Magnificent play by Gary Speed, setting up Gary Speed for the opener. Then a fantastic strike from Gary Speed got us a second. After the break, Gary Speed pretty much stole the show grabbing our 3rd and 4th goals.

Michael Brown wasn’t bad either, which was a pleasant surprise. 

- leedsarestillgoingup


Any thoughts on the game and what it meant to you, submit them.

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